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About Tiny’s Georgian Bay Sanitation Inc.

Georgian Bay Sanitation crew

Georgian Bay Sanitation Inc. was established in 1968 by Alfred Bidan. Alfred and his wife, Anita, owned and operated the business for 17 years. They provided a variety of services including septic and holding tank pumping and snow removal. Anita also supplied customers with all their pipe and plumbing necessities.

In 1985, Alfred sold the septic and snow removal business to his eldest daughter, Doris, and her husband, Martin Robillard. Martin and Doris continued to provide their customers with the same small-town, hard-working motto, "Quality Work at Affordable Prices." Martin continued to provide customers with all their sanitation needs in Tiny Township and surrounding areas.

While Doris worked full-time as a teacher and a part-time bookkeeper, Doris' brother, Don Bidan, dispatched for Martin during the school year and helped provide Doris assistance during the busy summer months.

Martin, Keith and Laurie Robillard

In 1992, Martin's son, Keith, joined Martin on the trucks full-time. With Keith's ambitious, hardworking attitude, he brought new ventures and skills to the business. The business grew to two full-time septic trucks, and in 1994, they purchased their first 12 portable toilets.

Because Doris was a teacher, education was very important, so it was necessary that Keith continued his education. He was expected to take courses and attend conferences related to this industry. Since this time, Keith has become an expert in the industry and is certified in septic inspections and installations.

He is often called on for his expertise where he can provide knowledge to customers, lawyers and real estate companies on the conditions of the septic systems.

In 2000, the youngest sibling, Laurie, partnered up with Martin and Keith. Laurie began working full-time on the snow removal trucks and helping her mom part-time in the office. By the time spring hit, she was working full-time on the portable toilet truck with her dad and continuing to assist her mom with the books.

By that fall, Laurie had developed a computer program that would not only save her time in the office, but would also help the business run more efficiently. With Laurie's business background and education in business and accounting, it was an easy transition into the family business.

After 50+ years, Keith and Laurie continue to provide customers with the same small-town hardworking motto, "Quality Work at Affordable Prices" that both their parents and grandparents instilled in them.

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